Interested In Archery

Welcome    Gympie Field Archers Inc. is a Field Archery Club that is affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA).

The Club is situated on Lot 4 Barsby Road, off Kandanga-Imbil Road which leads into the township of Imbil, we are just past the Par 3 Golf Course on Barsby Road.

The Club offers the archer the opportunity to shoot ABA, 3D and IFAA targets in bush surroundings. Shoots are held almost every 2nd & 4th Sunday or by appointment for new starters and coaching. Call 0405 102486 to experience archery today.

Members can participate in Invitational, Branch, State, National and International archery tournaments.  These are slotted into the calendar and are open to all members of the ABA the Calendar is up on the Club Website.

Gympie Field Archers Inc. also has accredited coaches who will assist you in any way with your shooting.

Throughout the year Gympie Field Archers offers courses which include Coaching Clinics and Bowhunters proficiency accreditation’s.

Club bows and arrows are available to hire for those who do not have their own equipment, are just starting out, and are looking to experience archery before making any commitments.  A fee is payable to cover insurance and an additional fee will be payable for each club arrow lost or damaged.  A shoot fee is applicable on designated “Club Shoot” days. New members are expected to purchase their own equipment by the end of their probationary period.

It is advisable to contact one of our coaches before purchasing a bow as they will be able to steer you in the right direction as to what weight and draw length you require.  Better to purchase a bow that suits you as you will be able to shoot this comfortably and will in turn enjoy the sport more if you do not spend all your time looking for lost arrows.

The club runs a canteen during every shoot with a variety of food and drinks available for sale at reasonable prices. (No EFTPOS available).

A shoot generally runs from 9am to around 2pm with a lunch break in between. Members are requested to be at the club, nominated and ready to shoot by 8.30am.

Details of our Shoot calendar, contacts, newsletters and club shoot results are regularly updated for your perusal on our Facebook Page. Type @GympieFieldArchers into your Facebook search field to find us or click

Rules for Shoot are available for free download from the ABA Website which is . Don’t panic… We’ll be with you every step of the way to guide you, without a study session.

See you soon.